A Long Winter’s Nap

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I love this little guy. He’s available on mugs, stickers, and more through my Redbubble shop.

“Hibunation” mug, Classic style.

Some thoughts about Redbubble’s mugs:

Redbubble is a print-to-order service, where I upload my designs and choose which products I want to offer. I trust their reputation, however I do not get to physically approve any products before their made. They have two styles of mugs, Classic, seen above, and Tall, which is flared at the top. I have not personally ordered one of the tall mugs yet, so I can only recommend the Classic from experience. (Redbubble doesn’t yet offer a choice between the two for sellers. I can only activate “Mugs” and it automatically includes both, no matter what.) If you’re like me, you’re thinking “but wait – wrapping a flat image around a conical shape must get somewhat distorted, right?” And it kinda looks that way in the product previews, more so with certain designs than others (such as those with perfect circles). I’ll be ordering a Tall style soon to be sure, but in the meantime Redbubble’s customer service has assured me that their preview images reflect an automated, imaginary rendering, and on the actual product it won’t be a problem. If you’re concerned, I recommend Classic.

I’m looking at listing some things on Society6 as well, partly because they only offer cylindrical mugs. I do like Redbubble’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility, like carbon neutral production, safe work environments, anti-discrimination policies, and respecting collective bargaining.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting pretty excited about pattern design. I have several ideas that are just begging to be wrapped around all sorts of mugs!


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