In Memoriam

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This past Christmas was so difficult for everyone. I usually do mostly handmade gifts (not always), but this year I really let myself “take it easy,” and simply focus on just a few meaningful things to give. (Rest assured, I absolutely love gift shopping. This was less “taking it easy” and more “sitting on my hands.”)

I’ve been an artist my whole life, apparently, but only began drawing again after a near-decade hiatus back in March, when my husband and I went into a precautionary self-imposed quarantine, after rushing him home from Europe. With very few of my usual distractions in a relative’s vacant house, I happened to bring a sketchbook and some Micron pens with me, just in case. And I started drawing again.

Fast forward to the holiday season, and giving drawings just felt like a no-brainer.

Penny, a family pet portrait. (NFS)

This is Penny. She was my parents dog (a red standard poodle), who had to be helped on her way earlier in the fall. I’m still learning and re-gaining my footing as an artist, but I was pretty proud of this drawing, since it’s one of the first I planned out and practiced to quite this extent.

Check out the teeny gallery below for some mildly terrifying process and practice pics. Spot the ill-fated attempt at adding color, and perhaps it’s clear why most of my work is black ink. >D


(Happy Ending P.S.: my parents are delightedly expecting a sweet new poodle puppy to be joining them near Valentine’s day.)

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