Spring Recap and New Art!

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Tomorrow is June?! Time for a check-in! I’ve drawn some new things, added some new shop goodies, and am working on new projects as we speak! (Read. Write? Where are we?!)

It’s another 50-degree day in what I’m calling the New England Wintautumn Recurrence, the week or so of cool, rainy weather that almost makes me forget that it’s practically summer, and we just had a week or more of mosquitoes, black flies, and 80-degree-plus head that’s definitely stunted my radishes – again. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying how their bright green tops are flourishing in this chill – the little traitors.

Southern New Hampshire has finally exploded in lush greenery and early wildflowers. The daffodils are long gone, and I’m eternally grateful to past-Angela for planting those tulip bulbs. They were such happy, bright, candy-like drops of color that held me over perfectly until the lilacs filled the air. My sugar snap peas are on their way, and while the lettuce seems to already be failing wonderfully, the pole beans are in, and for them I have great hope. The peonies have set their promising buds, and I’ve been watching hummingbirds, goldfinches, chipping sparrows, eastern phoebes, catbirds, and even cardinals visit my yard.

Have you ever tried to tip-toe run quietly to a window, binoculars in hand, in a century-old house whose floors creak so loudly and resonate so far they alert every single creature in your yard? It looks ridiculous and doesn’t really work, yet here I am a-skulking.

I reveled in violet season – naturally. Our yard was full of them, and I was so excited to try making violet syrup according to this recipe from the Alexis Nikole, on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Youtube as Black Forager. Friends: I was SO PUMPED, but now all I have is a word of caution: your white sugar needs to be truly, really, very white to maintain the violet color! I used an organic cane sugar – still “white” I thought, definitely not “raw” or anything at least, and below you can see what happened:

Surprise Goth Violet Syrup: Sweet Sadness

Yeah, that’s black. Or maybe gray? Definitely not violet. I’m not mad, though. Goth Violet Syrup – accidental or not – is really just me in a nutshell. And it still turns pink with lemon or lime (acid), as magical violet syrup should.

I’ve added some exciting things to my Etsy shop: Brand new phone wallpapers for digital download, 5×7 blank greeting cards, new fine art giclée prints, and a new 3-inch waterproof sticker. Here’s a little preview below; pop over to my shop for more:

What else’s new around here? You may have noticed a new little floaty button down below and link up above lately: I now have a Ko-Fi account. Ko-Fi is a way to give artists just a little support without buying any sTuFf – essentially like buying me a coffee! As a thank you, I have a bundle of three phone wallpaper downloads for my Ko-Fi patrons. I’ve also added some new pieces to my gallery on this site, including my April and May portals (just in time for June, of course):

As always, follow me on Instagram (@noddingvioletstudios) to see my latest pieces, works in progress, and bits of life around this old farmhouse I never seem to leave! (Oh, and a couple of freebie wallpapers for screenshot-ing in my story highlights.) Definitely tune in now, as I’m gearing up to participate in the Haunted Garden Art Challenge, hosted by Grace Billington. I’ve already got some sneak peeks in my stories! And speaking of sneak peeks – there’ll be more of those soon, too. Since you’re dedicated and here on my blog, you get to learn first that I’ve been working on a new bookmark, and should be getting a proof to share with you soon!

If you’ve read this far, I thank you, friend! May your June be sunny, your black flies unmotivated, and your beans plentiful and unperturbed!


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